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My name is Pamela Tosh from Cape Town, South Africa and I have a calling to serve, believing that ‘what we ‘do’ and who we ‘touch’ has a rippling effect’. And, it is with this statement that I invite you to participate in a vision quest, a legacy building partnership, to accelerate the collective awakening and ascension of souls towards a high vibrational love frequency which can be used to unleash creative potential.

For the past ten years I have made annual and extended stay journeys to India where I have been of service to humanity in surprising and unexpected ways. Gathering knowledge and skills by practicing selfless service as a Karma Yogi, I have met the most incredible souls and have realized that our purpose is far greater than we can imagine.

By my outpouring of action towards poor communities where I lived during lockdown I was able to expand my awareness of self, feed and nourish my soul, and experience a side of our underprivileged social culture in our country that I was conditioned to avoid. Between east and west, I accelerated my spiritual growth and developed new levels of awareness through enlightening moments, received ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ and true insight into the healing of the human spirit.

By serving others I have come to understand what it means to serve ‘the self’.  To be authentic needs no fluff or self-promotion. By surrendering I have been led on a pathway of devotion filled with challenges and personal sacrifices, to a blissful place of serenity, peace and calm within.



What is best ‘sustainable’ for all

What is best ‘sustainable’ for all

On 9 May I received an invitation to meet and join Hope4SA at FLAMINGO HEIGHTS for a site inspection and introduction to the community. I want to thank Pieter Terblanche, Rooies Strauss and their team for taking their time during our walkabout to meet and speak to...

Action towards activation

Action towards activation

Don't empty your mind when meditating. Now more than ever, we need to pray. Direct your thoughts towards God and ask that Spirit comes into your heart. As you breathe visualize the infinite light of Source, the light of all creation, moving from the crown of your head...

Love, my connection to India

Love, my connection to India

Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize...these are the words of one of the greatest Karma Yogis this world will ever know, Sri Swami Sivananda, father of Rishikesh. If there were ever any additional words one could include in this phrase, to offer more insight...

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